Some goodbyes and a welcome.....

After joining our team over 12 years ago in 2005, Roxanne has sadly left our office as she begins the next phase in her life journey, and has moved from the area. It's with fond memories, thanks and best wishes to her, that we say goodbye.

As well, Lisa, who just started with us in October 2017, will be leaving us in mid-April to pursue opportunities closer to home for her. We have enjoyed her friendly and upbeat personality, and with thanks for her time at the office with us, we wish her well.

And a big welcome to Marcie, who joined our office just a couple of weeks ago. We look forward to having Marcie here as part of the team with Lorie and Stephanie in order to maintain the high level of patient care and service that we aspire to. 

It seems that life is filled with impermanence. This can often be both sad and happy, exciting and daunting, but always reminds us that our lives are fluid with new experiences and adventures around the corner. No regrets..... only new opportunities!

Posted on April 2, 2018 .