Smoking and your eye health

The impact of smoking on vision is often overlooked, and the outcomes can be serious. Smoking can lead to blindness, which can affect one's quality of life including driving, reading, walking, and recognizing people's faces.

Tobacco smoke is made up of over 4,000 chemicals. Some of these are poisonous to the tissues of the eye, leading to increased risk of diseases such as macular degeneration (with a 6 times higher risk of blindness than non-smokers), cataracts, and thyroid related eye disease. Smoking during pregnancy can increase the infant's risk of lazy or turned eyes, as well as cause developmental delays. 

Even second hand smoke can increase the risk of eye irritation, conjunctivitis, and corneal inflammations and infections.

Of course quitting smoking is easier said than done, but the benefits are irrefutable!

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Posted on June 4, 2013 .